Services & Pricing

Professional makeup application


  • Proms & Special Events : $35,00

 (false lashes +$10,00 please let us know if they are required)

  • Bridal Makeup Consultation/Per Person : $50,00 

Together, we will create a unique bridal look based on your individual style and preferences.

We suggest this appointment be scheduled for an engagement photo, bridal shower or another special pre-wedding event. Please try and book your makeup consultation 2-3 months before your wedding.

  • Bride : $80,00

includes wedding day application & false lashes

  • Bridal Party/Per Person : $50,00

includes wedding day application (false lashes + $10,00 please let 

us know if they are required)

  • Bridal Package #1 Trial & day : $125,00

Makeup consultation and application prior to your wedding day

Complete Makeup application for your wedding day. Includes false 

lashes, if desired.

  • Bridal Makeup Package #2 : $575,00

Makeup applications for the bridal party – up to 4 people.

Flower girls/attendants under 12 are complimentary (up to 3).

Touch-ups for the entire bridal party after ceremony.

Makeup transformation for the bride, from daytime fresh to an evening 

look. Artist will follow bride to photo location for touch-ups.

Artist booked for 8 continuous hours.


1. Please allow 30-55 minutes per application, depending on the complexity of the desired look.

2. The above fees for the wedding day include HST & travel to your location 

within the Ottawa/Gatineau region; parking charges may apply depending on venue. For out-of-town weddings, an additional fuel charge may apply.

3. Please notify us if anyone in your bridal party has sensitive skin ot allergies. Although we do our best to carry hypoallergenic options, it is better for us to discuss with them, so that we can ensure a reaction free wedding day.

4. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required upon reservation of the date the services are to be rendered.

Permanent Makeup & Lash lift


  • Eyebrows 

Microblading : $350,00

Powder Brows : $400,00

  • Eyeliner 

Basic style top & bottom lashes : $450,00

Basic top or bottom only : $240,00

Intralash/eyelash enhancement : $200,00

  • Lips

Liner : $350,00

Full Lip or lip blush : $500,00

**Pricing includes: Initial appointment and consultation as well as the follow up appointment 6-8 weeks later (if required).

Permanent Makeup requires maintenance as colours can fade over time. The amount of fading depends on several variables including skin type, medications and topical treatments, but is primarily due to sun (ultra-violet) exposure. A touch up may be required.

  • Touch up Pricing

0-6 months : $100,00

6-18 months : half price from current price list

Over 18 months : full price

**Clients with previous permanent makeup performed by another technician will be charged the full price regardless of the procedure.

  • Lash Lifts & Tints

Lash Lifts are the newest treatment in lash curling services that work with your own natural lashes. Traditional curling systems would involve wrapping lashes around a sponge rod, much like a traditional hair perm, which left the lashes over curled and looking shorter and stubby. The Lash Lift treatment uses different sizes of silicone pads based on the desired lift and your own natural lash length. Each eyelash is then individually “lifted” to the pad, creating a perfect curl. Make your eyes pop even more with a lash tint, which can be done in the same service.

Treatment is about 30 min with results lasting 6-12 weeks.people. )

  • * Lash lift : $50,00

  • * Lash lift and tint : $60,00

  • * Eyebrow OR Lash tint : $20,00

  • * Eyebrow and Lash tint : $36,00

  • * Lash lift and tint + Eyebrow tint : $70,00

All prices are subject to change. Pricing will be confirmed before booking.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments must be cancelled min 24-hours in advance.